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nordic pro 650

Seasons 23-24
nordic pro
come and experience


We highly recommend that you make the reservation well in advance to make sure to get exactly what you want! . For same or next day reservations your best option is to call +358400457105. Call also if the online calendar seems full. We will try to get you on tracks!

Uudesta Nordic Prosta ja Assaultista löytyvän Polariksen 7s mittariston avulla voit navigoida huoletta maastossa.

Kaikki Rukan reitit ovat valmiiksi asennettuina kelkkoihin!

Price list

You can also pay with ePassi, Smartum and Edenred!

Polaris LXT

2h 75€
3h 100€
4h 120€
6h 150€
8h 175€

Polaris Axys
Indy XC

2h 110€
3h 155€
4h 190€
6h 220 €
8h 270€
24h 305€/200km 
(over 200 km 0,5€/km)

Polaris Matryx
Nordic Pro 650

2h 125€
3h 165€
4h 205€
6h 255 €
8h 295€
24h 345€/200km 
(over 200 km 0,5€/km)

Polaris Matryx
xc 650


2h 145€
3h 190€
4h 230€
6h 280 €
8h 320€
24h 365€/200km
(over 200 km 0,5€/km)

Deductible in case of an accident 500€ (600cc and under), 1000€ (over 600cc)


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